HEM Night 

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"By telling your story, there will be times you are the lifeline for another mother.  You will be the saving grace for her children.  And you will be the reason that mother is able to believe she truly isn't alone." 
Julie Barnhill, author of One Tough Mother

This is the source of inspiration for the HEM night group. We are a group of mums (children aged between 0 and 16) who usually meet at 8pm on the first Thursday of the month at LEBC. It’s a chance to chat, laugh, encourage and support one another while at the same time having a cup of tea or coffee and, of course, the obligatory chocolate or two …

See the calendar for upcoming HEM Night meeting dates. 

Contact Ruth for more information at:  hemnight@lowerearleybaptistchurch.org.uk

Why HEM Night?

In the Bible there is a story of about a woman with bleeding who touched the hem of Jesus' robe and was healed.  As mothers (particularly of young children) we often don't have the time to sit down and spend long, quality amounts of time with Christ. But He knows us, notices us and heals us in the quick "hem of the robe" moments whenever we can grab them. Why not come and join us?