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Dear All, 
The Easter update from Kigezi is here! Have a look at the links and you will see recent challenges, work completed, projects old and new and, the story of Precious who started weaving mats and baskets, joined a Women's Development Group, and then was put in charge of resources for the water programme in her village.   
Please pray for our friends in Kigezi:

  • Pray for God’s guidance and provision as they look to begin transforming more communities over the next three years.
  • Pray that God will give them knowledge and wisdom in the quest to see communities transformed.
  • Pray that they can provide all communities, no matter their location, with access to safe, clean water.
  • Pray for the vulnerable people in the communities; the orphaned, the elderly and those living with disabilities or HIV/AIDS. Pray that through their communities, they would be able to get the help and services they need.
  • Pray for the team as they plan how to expand their work and begin serving some of the poorest and hardest to reach communities in the Diocese.
  • Pray for the communities that are still recovering from the landslides. That they would be able to rebuild and move forward soon.

Best wishes, Jon

Dear  Jonathan,
Easter is a time of hope and celebration, a time to proclaim ‘He is risen’! 

As we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection, we acknowledge God’s victory over darkness. Why not share the latest update and story and from Kigezi Diocese with your church or small group as a reminder that even in the most difficult circumstances, God is at work.

Many blessings,

Bobbie, Carina, Catherine, Derek, Diana, Graeme, Fiona, Luke, Megan and Nathaniel

Tearfund's Churches Team

Latest news from Kigezi

It’s time for more news from Kigezi Diocese! Read about how the last three months have gone and hear about old projects coming to an end and new ones starting.

Bringing water to Keeru

No one thought Precious was worth anything. But that all changed when she decided to help her village get clean water. Read what happened here.

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Didn’t receive your Christmas Connected Church update? 

Toward the end of last year we had a temporary problem with our system, which meant a few of you might not have received our previous update. Please do accept our apologies for this. We have now fixed this issue. To catch up on any stories you may have missed, please follow this link to the Kigezi Diocese blog!
Jon Lloyd, 27/03/2018