Ladies' Clothes Swap 

 Clothes Swap Image 2jpg
Saturday 11 May
at Lower Earley Baptist Church, RG6 3HE
£5 entry
Bring along any clothes* you no longer want, and swap them for something you’d like. No charge for individual items, just take what you want!

* and accessories, shoes, books, CDs, etc.
All money goes towards the Kigezi water project (see below for details).
Refreshments available.

What is the Kigezi Water and Sanitation Programme?
Lower Earley Baptist Church (LEBC) has been supporting the Water and Sanitation Programme in Kigezi, Uganda since 2015.  Kigezi Picture for Leaflet
LEBC’s support has been enabling people in Kigezi to build water storage tanks for communities with limited access to clean water supplies, as well as training in good hygiene and sanitation practice.   
For further information:
0118 935 3598